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Your Team

Meet Your Team

Conroy Catering has been partnering with discerning brides and grooms to create memorable celebrations for nearly 30 years.  From planning the perfect menu, to coordinating the ceremony, to orchestrating the timing of your event, we are there for you every step of the way to ensure a beautiful event that exceeds your expectations.

lineupSales/Event Planner First impressions are lasting impressions. From your initial meeting with one of our experienced Catering Consultants, you will know what hosting your event with Conroy Catering is all about. You will see how knowledgeable, enthusiastic and proud our employees are about what we do at Conroy Catering. When meeting with one of our Catering Consultants for the first time, your dream begins to turn into reality.

After the initial meeting, no question is left unanswered. Our innovative Catering Consultants are here to assist you as you plan the catering aspects of your event. Perhaps you want to replicate a cake you saw in Martha Stewart Weddings. Maybe you need help creating that signature drink to serve to your guests. Not sure when to do those first dances? Or maybe you know that you want your event to be unique but are just not sure where to start. Our Catering Consultants are eagerly ready to help you with an endless flow of ideas. They make sure your ice sculptures and specialty linen overlays have been ordered, your floor plan and event timing is just right, and that the rest of our Catering Staff knows what is most important to you. They are there with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is just as you had envisioned it, down to the last detail.

lineupEvent Manager Our Event Managers will enthusiastically welcome you after your arrival to the mansion and will be the last one you see when you depart. But it’s really all that they do in-between that really makes the difference. They ensure that every detail of your event goes off without a glitch, a seamless execution of events. They cue the ceremony, coordinate timing with your photographers and entertainment professionals and keep our culinary team on schedule as your reception unfolds. Often working from behind the scenes, they act as a liaison between you, your guests, and our staff. When your event exceeds your finest expectations, it’s our Event Manager who made it happen.

lineupBridal Attendant When you turn, she’s there. Our Bridal Attendant is there to make sure you are where you need to be, while looking beautiful, calm and flawless at all times. She is the first to greet you when you arrive at the mansion and the last to say good night to you as you leave. In the meantime, she is there to send you down the aisle, get you a drink when you’re outside taking pictures in the gardens. She bustles your train, packages up the top tier of your wedding cake, and helps you take your hair down for the reception. Think of her as your second Maid of Honor! By the end of the night, you will feel like you’ve known her for years.