• A Tradition of Service

    The Conroy family embraces the ideals of celebration, fellowship, and inspiration.


A Rich History

Conroy Catering began very simply about 20 years ago. A young man named Jack had just graduated from restaurant school. A young woman named Beth had just earned her degree in psychology. The world was full of possibilities, and Jack and Beth were determined to explore them. They decided to pursue their dream of running a catering business together.

Humble Beginnings They had no employees. When they needed extra help, they turned to friends and relatives. Their base of operations was a truck they drove from event to event. It was a humble beginning, yet Jack and Beth made sure the important things were right from the start. They worked hard and pursued perfection. Their ingredients had to be the finest, the recipes extraordinary, the service exquisite. As their resources grew, they invested more and more in perfecting their work. They insisted on the best equipment, the best suppliers, and the best employees. Their reputation grew. It became clear that Conroy Catering was different. It was truly exceptional.

lineupA Growing Business In time, Jack and Beth married. As their relationship changed, so did their business. They focused on developing exclusive venues where they could host clients on their own terms and better control the quality of every aspect of the event. They set up shop in two elegant, historic properties that offered ambience to match the Conroys’ extraordinary food and gracious service. They continued to grow and excel.

lineupOur Passion Today, Conroy Catering employs more than 100 professionals who share Jack and Beth’s dedication to exceptional quality in food and service. They offer clients remarkable events in timelessly elegant settings. As they have from the beginning, they work hard and focus on the details. They pursue perfection in every moment, with every client. No matter how simple or elaborate your plans, Conroy Catering is the company to rely on to make them real: experienced, professional, and always exceptional.